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Seeds of Prosperity

Eradicating poverty is possible only by raising productivity, employment and wages in rural India. One way of achieving this is to create conditions for India to become a big player in the global production of seeds. Dr MS Swaminathan has […]

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US swings to the Right

Indian leftists who have long wanted to cripple GATT and the World Bank now have improbable allies in right-wing Republicans who have swept into power in both houses of the US Congress. The Indian left sees these two organisations as

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Competition in Bankruptcy

Foreigners have stopped asking Whether the economic reforms since 1991 are reversible, and instead tend to make gung-ho statements about India becoming the next Asian tiger. Some already regard Mr Narasimha Rao as Deng Xiaoping Jr. They should look at

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Consumer Class Put At 550 M

Poverty is declining, rural prosperity is booming and even low-income households are increasingly buying consumer durables. This good news comes from by the biggest consumer survey of recent times, conducted in 1992-93 by the National Council of Applied Economic Research

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