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War scenarios from the Gulf

Just one fortnight after presentation, the budget looks distant, almost forgotten. All eyes are now on Iraq. Without question, what Bush and Saddam Hussein do is infinitely more important for the economy than what Jaswant Singh does. What are the …

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Can US do a Japan in Iraq?

Why is the US hell-bent on toppling Saddam Hussein? To install a democracy? Don\’t make me laugh, many will say. Yet all other explanations look equally laughable. Some say Bush Jr wants to finish the job his father started in …

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Ratan Tata at 65

Ratan Tata has retired as executive chairman of the Tata group on reaching the age of 65. How good has he been for India’s largest industrial group? I have sometimes criticised him over the years, but my overall verdict has …

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How to compete with China

Indian industrialists are terrified of competing with China. But fears are also evident in the once-miracle economies of south-east Asia. East Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan have long graduated out of labour-intensive goods into high-tech ones, and do not …

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Politics versus technocracy

ONE reason why Vijay Kelkar’s reports on tax reform have encountered so much opposition from so many lobbies is that Kelkar has approached taxation as an economist, not a politician. Since he is an economist, I have no quarrel with …

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Bonanza for wheat exports

For the first time, India is well-placed to catch the current global boom in wheat prices. At a time when India’s granaries are full to bursting, bad weather has ravaged wheat crops across the world and sent prices soaring. In …

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